I've started the section on steam engines and I've taken a look at how they work as well as the history behind them


The Stirling Section of the site is finished, It talks about the history of the Stirling Cycle Engine and why Reverend Robert Stirling Decided to invent such a machine. The details of the Alpha Stirling Engine and how it works are discussed as well as the thermodynamics behind the machines.


Added a puzzle devised by Einstein, its quite a tricky one but it's fun


I've started to look at the idea of perpetual motion just to see the ideas that people had and so that i can try and figure out why they would not work.


Ok so i've just figured out how to work this blog thing so this is a little outdated but only by about a week.

The site Amazing Men and their Magical Machines is pretty much up and running, there's a Detailed description of the Stirling Engine including a general overview, a look at the alpha Stirling and the regenerator aswell as a bit about the



    I have created this site with the hope of learning about web development and also with the hope that a forum would lead to expanding my knowledge of amazing inventors and inventions.


    January 2009